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Brewing Guides - Espresso

Espresso machines can be very confusing and daunting. We prefer the type that have separate grinders and their own group handles, just like the commercial machines. We find you have better control over the end results with these than automatic push button machines that do it all. You also get what you pay for, so sell an extra bail of wool and buy a quality machine and separate grinder with adjustable burrs, not the blade sort used for spices. Keep it clean kids. espresso is delicate and the flavour can be tainted easily by dirty equipment. Use filtered water, backwash regularly and descale your machine as advised by the manufacturer. Keep group handles and filter baskets sparkling clean and your espresso...

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Brewing Guides - Moka Pot

Start with a clean and dry moka pot ensuring no old coffee oils or dust will taint the flavour. Boil the kettle (we prefer to use filtered water). Brew water to be around 93–95°C (not long off the boil), so let the water stand. With the hot water fill the base of the chamber to just below the valve. Always fill the pot. Underfiling will produce an inferior cup, so buy the correct size stovetop for your needs. Use a medium to fine grind. The quantity of coffee will vary on the size of your moka pot. Fill the basket, giving a few taps along the way to settle the coffee. Level the coffee with your finger or a spatula....

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Brewing Guides - V60 Pour over

The v60 hario pour over has recently risen in popularity. Roasters and coffee connoisseurs favour this brewing method for the clean, round and complex layers of flavour that are extracted from the beans. But let’s be honest, we’ve fallen in love with the v60 pour over because it’s cool, inexpensive and Japanese. Boil a kettle (we prefer to use filtered water). Stand the water for a few minutes so it’s around 93–95°C (just off the boil) while you follow the next steps. Take your hario filter paper, open and place inside the v60 cone. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water. This will not only heat the ceramic for brewing but will ensure there’s no papery taste in the final brew. Use...

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Brewing Guides - Chemex

BLACK CIRCLE COFFEE TIP: If you’re using a scale and timer, start the 4 minute timer and fill to 150 grams of water for the first pour. At 3:20 minutes, fill to 450 grams of water. At 2 minutes, fill to 700 grams. Pull filter when the coffee reaches the glass button (20 oz) which should be at about 4 minutes.

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Brewing Guides - Aeropress

Designed by an American frisbee company,aeropress is the newest kid on the home brewing scene. It’s similar to the French Press, but uses disposable paper filters. It has a cult following for producing an excellent brew with clean flavours and great body. Ideal for on the go – aeropressmakes minimal fuss coffee away from the flock. There are two ways to plunge – inverted or non-inverted. We chose ‘inverted’ Coffee should be a fine to medium grind. You’ll need 15g of ground coffee – around one packed aeropressscoop. Boil your kettle (we prefer filtered water). The water should be just off the boil – around 93–95°C – so boil it and then let it stand while you do the next couple...

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