How to Guides from the coffee blog of Black Circle Coffee Roasters

  • Brewing Guides - V60 Pour over

    The v60 hario pour over has recently risen in popularity. Roasters and coffee connoisseurs favour this brewing method for the clean, round and comp...
  • Brewing Guides - Chemex

    BLACK CIRCLE COFFEE TIP: If you’re using a scale and timer, start the 4 minute timer and fill to 150 grams of water for the first pour. At 3:20 minutes, fill to 450 grams of water. At 2 minutes, fill to 700 grams. Pull filter when the coffee reaches the glass button (20 oz) which should be at about 4 minutes.
  • Brewing Guides - Aeropress

    Designed by an American frisbee company,aeropress is the newest kid on the home brewing scene. It’s similar to the French Press, but uses disposabl...