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The difference between beans

So, the general idea is that all coffee is the best it can be, the freshest possible product you can buy. The presumption is that you can rely on every store and every brand to give you fresh roasted beans but do people not realise that if you buy through a third party distributor like Sainsbury or Tesco or Waitrose you are buying a coffee bean that has spent the first three to four months of its life in a truck absorbing the fumes of congestion then a store room which probably isn't at a set temperature or have a controlled environment of any kind. The best way is direct from the process of coffee roasting. Thats why Black Circle Coffee doesn't sell into supermarkets or shops and you can only buy our 227g bags directly from us (or a key online stores that we control and send directly from us to the customer without giving stock away to the third party). We love to sell our beans directly to the end consumer so we know its an amazing experience.

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