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The meaning of life when you start a brand from inside your head

So,it’s morning and the rains coming down and we are walking to the meeting room to discuss the day. Wondering if this is the best place to be at 7am? Actually it is, the brand is growing and we are seeing more and more people engaging with us which is awesome. We have the daily vee from Gary Vaynerchuk every day as our get up and go motivation which really works by the way Gary is your reading this and some amazing Pondering Tiger coffee in the grinder ready to go. The office is full of colour and light and everyone seems in good spirits. So,what do we do? Everyone always asks about behind the scenes and to be honest it pretty awesome being an online business as you get to have a fun office Enviroment that doesn’t effect the brand but increases momentum and productivity. We all have one big space to share and a laptop each and that’s it,we move around from couch to desk as needed and work as a unit,no uniforms,no restrictions and lots of fun. The roastery is a separate building off site so we have two very distinct operations and that works well although we all would love the roastery smell of coffee to flow through our doors but you can’t have it all. The rain pours outside and makes us all glad to be indoors and warm and I think the reason we love coming to work is because it’s safe and secure and we are friends and we have so much fun making coffee and seeing an online community working selling coffee online grow and develop from a thought to a process. Amazing to see and be part of.


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