Can coffee cause headaches?

For a number of reasons, you shouldn't rely on caffeine to treat migraines, one being that it can make migraines worse.

You may also become reliant on it, which suggests that you would need more to get the same results. Excessively raising the levels of caffeine will affect your body in other ways, causing tremors, nervousness, and interruptions in sleep. Caffeine use disorder has recently been described as a major concern for certain individuals by Trusted Source.

A 2016 study of 108 individuals found that, after discontinuing the use of caffeine, people suffering migraines decreased the severity of their headaches.
That doesn't mean that when you sense a migraine coming, you shouldn't have a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine does not cause headaches, but it can induce what is called the rebound of caffeine.
This happens when you drink too much caffeine and suffer withdrawal from it afterwards. Side effects may be severe, often worse than a normal migraine or headache. An approximate 2 percent of people encounter this from Trusted Source.

There's no fixed level of caffeine that can cause headaches to rebound. Each person responds to caffeine differently.