Episode #1 - Shout, let it all out

Hello and welcome to Wednesdays Blog post. Today we have been looking at new media channels and have come across some great ways to promote our coffee and the way we roast coffee to sell online direct consumers.We have found a great app called Anchor thanks to an amazing entreprenuer called Gary Vaynerchuk who hosts a podcast called the Ask Gary Vee Show (Or Shoooooooooow as he calls it ...amazing)

Its a new app designed to concentrate on audio content without images and we love it, we have been challenging each other to come uo with the best audio content and the winner is the official News Anchor (sorry for the punn) for the company. We have all been trying to be super creative and add music and sound effects to the podcast audio, one thought is that it should include audio from our you tube channel and other media that we currently use to gain awareness.Still not sure whether to opt for a totally unique set of content or just feed off the existing options we have in house at the moment.


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