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Coffee Bean Storage for Dummies

When you spend a pretty penny on coffee beans you love and the freshness decays before you can finish them off, it can be very frustrating. I understand the struggle, but I’ve learned to overcome it by following some very simple rules with how I store my coffee beans. Putting these rules into place in your own home should be no headache at all.  They’re very simple, so there’s no reason not to follow them!   Keep Those Beans Cool, But Not Moisturized While a cool counter may keep an apple looking nice and tasty, a hot spot right by the stove won’t. The same is true for coffee beans: Heat quickens decay. Keep your precious beans somewhere cool. You...

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How to use coffee in your beauty routine

We have always heard people say that it’s difficult to begin a day without a cup of bed coffee. It’s the morning’s favourite wake up call and makes you feel fresh. Yes, high intake of caffeine is bad for your health, but apart from this coffee helps you enhance your beauty. Here are few surprising ways as to how coffee can up your beauty game.ExfoliatingCoffee ground with its grainy texture can be used as a perfect skin exfoliator. It is the perfect ingredient to exfoliate the skin and has the perfect consistency which makes it a great exfoliator. The caffeic acid present in them increases collagen production. This can be used as a scrub and helps in removing the dead...

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Store beans the proper way

Not all coffee should go in the freezer. In fact, if you're going to actually use the coffee right away, you don't want it going straight from the icebox to under steaming water. Its always better to find a coffee seller that roasts their own beans, or at least offers honest details on when their stuff was roasted, then divide your stash into weekly amounts. Keep the current week's stash in an airtight container or in resealable packaging at room temperature. Why not try some of our blends today, roasted fresh to order from the team and get 20% off your first order using promo code NEWSTARTER    

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