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Pour Over Brewing Guide

The v60 hario pour over has recently risen in popularity. Roasters and coffee connoisseurs favour this brewing method for the clean, round and complex layers of flavour that are extracted from the beans. But let’s be honest, we’ve fallen in love with the v60 pour over because it’s cool, inexpensive and Japanese.

Boil a kettle (we prefer to use filtered water). Stand the water for a few minutes so it’s around 93–95°C (just off the boil) while you follow the next steps.

Take your hario filter paper, open and place inside the v60 cone. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water. This will not only heat the ceramic for brewing but will ensure there’s no papery taste in the final brew. Use the excess water to preheat your cup.

Place your v60 pour over directly over your preheated cup.

Grind the coffee beans finer than you would for a French press, making a sand-like texture. Measure and weigh your coffee – aim for 60–70g of coffee per litre of water. For example, to make 240ml use 15g of ground coffee. Drop the ground coffee onto the moistened filter paper.

Start your timer. Evenly saturate the coffee with a small amount of water by using a slow circular motion to pour 60g (approximately 2cm) of water over the coffee, ensuring that all the coffee is soaked. Being even is very important to the final flavours of the brew as the bloom begins to de-gas. Allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds to a minute.

Slowly start pouring more water over the coffee grinds in a controlled circular motion towards the centre with the stream, taking care that it falls straight down, not at an angle, until the cup is full. The brew is finished when the stream has slowed to an occasional drip.