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Exceptional coffee, complexity and flavour. Taste that is “designed” with skill and experience. We support individual cafe's, coffee chains and even five star airports, wholesaling our coffee all over the globe. Black Circle Coffee is the ideal support partner for your wholesale coffee needs. Individual or volume based wholesale supply, from a few bags to a few tons, quality is always our focus.

For friendly advice or an initial chat about serving Black Circle Coffee in your business please call us on 0843 5235510 or send us a mail at wholesale@blackcirclecoffee.com 

When partnering with us we are able to support you with -


Correctly preparing espresso coffee is fundamental to your business. We will ensure that your barista is trained and proficient in modern barista techniques. After all your success is our success. 


We have a team specialising in commercial espresso coffee machines and grinders. We can advise and help in choosing the right machine for your needs and install and maintain it for you too

Help and advice with

Cafe layout and equipment advice.
Coffee preparation and work flow.
The full coffee menu and presentation.
Coffee brewing machinery and techniques.
Ongoing support and Barista training.

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