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The Frank Green SmartCup is a reusable, durable, stylish coffee cup with embedded technology allowing users to pay for their coffee using their cup and be rewarded for loyalty with free coffees and special offers with participating cafes using CafePay! Safety is an important aspect of the design. The cup is intended for coffee at 65 deg and tea at up to 85 deg. A release vent has been integrated into the cap to release pressure due to excessive heat. The vent should remain closed under normal use temperatures. A TPE overmoulded outer sleeve on the cup assists to insulate the hand from the hot beverage keeping your drink hotter for longer and provides added grip. The screw on cap is secure and designed to pass drop tests averting major spills. Frank Green is serious about sustainability. WeÕre on a mission to change the way people think about reusable products. We are achieving this by creating innovative, stylish and functional products that Ôdo the right thingÕ by the planet.

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